Autumn 2023 (Note New Time Slot)                                                                                                       

Oct. 6 - Terry Malarkey - Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Oct. 13 - David Poyer - Writing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Oct. 20 -

Oct. 27 - Terry Malarkey:  On the Home Front;  WWII and a London Suburb. And Ukraine.

Nov. 3 - Dave DiBetta - Reflections as an Agent at the Siege at Waco or Dave Was There Too.

Nov. 10 -  Art Fournier - Death Sentence:  "Cruel and Unusual" Medical Treatment of the Imprisoned.

Nov. 17 - Josh Hall - Nanotechnology, the next Industrial Revolution

Nov. 24 - Dark

Dec. 1 - Mark Nuckols - WW-I in Literature and Film

Dec 8 - Josh Hall - Where is my Robot Butler? (A Stroll through the Landscape of Cybernetics)

(Note New Time Slot)

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