Spring Semester 2024

Feb 2  Cell Phone Technology.  Terry Malarkey

Feb 9   Dark

Feb 16  The American Civil War, Slavery, and Cotton.  Al McKegg

Feb 23  Dark

Mar 1  Energy!!! And a little climate.  Josh Hall

Mar 8 Marine Drones.  Joe Betit

Mar 15  Concorde SST.  Janet Rochester & Terry Malarkey

Mar 22 Updates on the Metabolic Health Movement.  John Durmick

Mar 29  Bush Medicine; Empiric Pharmacology.  Art Fournier

Apr 5   Digital Art: Sparking Creativity and Innovation.  John Antoine Labadie

Apr 12  What's Eating You? Ticks!  Marilyn Ailes

Apr 19  Confessions of a Jaded Recycler: Can We Make a Difference?  Sue Mastyl

Apr 26 Overshoot in the Anthropocene, Update.  John Durmick

When: All SciPhi Seminars begin at 10:30 am on Fridays and run until 12:00 noon, unless otherwise noted. Seminars are occasionally rescheduled or postponed on short notice. Prospective attendees are encouraged to check this web-site shortly before a scheduled seminar.

Where:  Room 148 of the Academic Building of Eastern Shore Community College, 29300 Lankford Hwy, Melfa, VA 23410.